Martin Matiske

At the age of 10, in winter 1997 Martin Matiske started playing and mixing records at his home in Munich. His friend Suat Günes, owner of a record shop in Munich, introduced him to DJ Hell, who himself invited him playing at a Gigolo Night at the famous Ultraschall Techno Club in Munich. He was 11 years old that time. Supported by his father he soon started producing electronic music in his studio at home. 3 years later, in 2002 he released his first 4 track EP Stars&Galaxy on Gigolo Records. The EP had very positiv reviews worldwide. Dave Clark put Stars&Galaxy no. 1 on his playlist.

Today his musical backround is much more open to other sources. Inspired by the Clash, he bought an electric guitar and already produced some songs, which will be integrated live in his DJ sets.

Upcoming releases:

  • “Japanese Science” appears on the new Gigolo compilation 9

  • Martin Matiske - Blackout ep Gigolo 165 out now

First Radio Appearence:

  • Hit FM Munich at the age of 12

Some bookings:


  • Palaisclub
  • Ultraschall
  • Fliesenladen
  • Cafe am Hochhaus
  • Heizkraftwerk
  • Penthouse
  • Feierwerk
  • Babalu Club
  • Funky Kitchen
  • Woanders Club
  • Union Move
  • Badeanstalt
  • Prinzip
  • Palais
  • Rote Sonne
  • Registratur
  • Cafe King
  • Pimpernel


  • Club Villa


  • Loveboat


  • Suite 15


  • Blauer Salon


  • Tresor Records: Music & Maschine
  • WMF Gigolo Loveparade 2002
  • Pfefferbank
  • Pulp Mansion 2005


  • Pukkelpop Festival 2003


  • Roxy 2003 elektric party
  • Roxy Techno Extravaganza (Bassline magazin birthday prag) 2004


  • La Paloma 2006


  • Wurstsalon 2006